Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hello every one ;-)

The Meteorological Agency announced the end of the rainy season on Tuesday.
So officially summer has started.
Heaps of festivals and fun activities are coming up.
If this is your first summer in Japan you ganna go to The Bon Dance Festival.
Bon dance (BON ODORI) is Japanese dance sort of folk dance, usually Japanese Taiko(drums) keep the rhythm.

It was originally a Buddhist event to commemorate ancestors.

But you don’t have to be Buddhist to join it in fact most Japanese just enjoy the atmosphere having good time with family or friends as there are normally lots of food stands selling drinks and foods.

The festivals held everywhere during summer July and August ;-)


There are 2 Bon Dance Festival near BUREAUG GINZA this week and next week.


Place: Front of Shinbashi staion SL public space

Date:24th 25th July 2014



Place: Tsukiji Honaganji

Date:30th July~2nd August

Time:30th-1st 19:00~21:00 / 2nd18:00~20:30



Have an awesome day !!


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yukata and summer events

A yukata is a casual traditional Japanese clothing that is similar to a
It is made of a light material to stay cool in the summer.

It is used for general relaxation and as sleeping wear. Yukata is also commonly worn at some summer events such as local festivals and fireworks displays.



Yukata is available not only at special store, but also at department store and website.
It must be fun to see the variety of Yukata at the store.
I’d like to introduce the event which is good for going with wearing Yukata.
Sumida River Firework Festival
Date: Sat. July 26, 2014
Time: 7:05 PM - 8:30 PM
Tokyo Bay Firework Festival
The Tokyo Bay Fireworks are held north of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay. They feature about 12,000 shells launched from barges anchored in the water. The best views are from official spots at Harumi Park, a 15 minute walk from Toyosu Station. Some areas are free, but you have to arrive early enough to secure them. The fireworks can also be seen from other places around the bay such as Odaiba, but note that the Rainbow Bridge is closed to pedestrians during the show.
Date:Sun.August 10,2014
Time: 6:50PM – 8:10PM
Enjoy Japanese summer wearing Yukata!
See youJ

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hi there ;-)

The weather has been changing between cloudy, rainy and bit of sun for the past few days.


Days like this making yourself cheer up,nothing better than making plan for your next holiday.

Have you already made plans for the summer holiday?

No yet?  No clue ?

No worries. It is not too late for that !!


Check out this ;-)

TIC TOYKO is the tourist information center for foreign visitors.

They provided brochures in English or other languages.

Also there is a café plus concierge service.

Hehe sounds helpful place ;) right ?


It located just 1min from Nihonbashi exit of Tokyo station.

Address Marunouchi Trust Tower North 1F 1-8-1

Business hour 10:00-19:00

You can get further information from web site below too ;-)


I hope you guys plan awesome summer vacation !!



Typhoon is approaching to Kantou(include Tokyo ) and heavy rain and winds are expected.

Stay with the latest weather forecast.


Until next time see ya !!

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Japanese cuisine was added to UNESCO intangible heritage list recently.

What do you associate with it after hearing Japanese cuisine ?

Sushi? Tenpura?

But, many of foreigners who visit Japan are very pleased with ‘Ramen’.

Actually, Ramen is noodle which was born in China, but has evolved in unique ways in Japan.

Ramen is quite different from other Japanese cuisine.

Although you can eat it with reasonable price and waiting time after ordering is so short,

It doesn’t mean that cutting corners on cooking.

Ramen soup is cooked by simmer spending a long time.

It’s substantially based on soy sauce, miso, (made from soy) salt, or pork bone broth,

But each ramen shop has their original and specialty taste.


I’d like to introduce some well-reputed Ramen shop around BUREAU GINZA.


Tsukiji Ebikin(えび金)

This Ebisoba-ramen is 780JPY.

The soup is boiled up with large pans of shrimp.

Shrimp powder is also in noodle. 50 of small shrimps are used in a bowl of ramen!

Opening hour :  10001400 17002200 (close on Sunday)

Address : Tokyo chuo-ku Tsukiji 6-23-5


Ito Ginza (伊藤 銀座)
This ramen shop is famous for making broth with dried small sardine.
The price of ramen is 6501050JPY
Opening hour : 11:0020:00
Address : Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza6-12-2

Nagahamayatai - Yamachan (長浜屋台やまちゃん)

This ramen shop is from Hukuoka, south of Japan.

This soup is based on pork bone broth.

char siu(Chinese-style barbecued pork) and sliced green onion are on the soup adequately.

The price of the ramen is from 650 1,050JPY.

Opening hour :

Weekday and Saturday: 11:00400AM

Sunday : 11:002000

Holiday : 11:002300

Address : Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 3-11-10


There are more than 3,500 ramen shop in Tokyo!
It may be fun to find your favorite one.
Have a great dayJ

Thursday, 26 June 2014


Good afternoon ;-)

It has been very unpredictable weather past few days.

Very good idea to have a brolly with you whenever you go out especially

if you are not pleased to get wet.

Did you know lots of us Japanese like to eat noodles at lunch ;-)

They are several kind of noodles, and one of my favorite is SOBA

Soba is the Japanese name for buckwheat. Noodle which is made from buckwheat flour.

The noodles are served both hot and cold in a variety of dishes and can be found all over Japan ;-)

Hot days like today I definitely go for ZARUSOBA.

ZARUSOBA is cold noodles served with a chilled broth or soy sauce to dip them
actually I ate it lunch today ↓


If you feel like you want to get something to cool you down



Restaurant information.
そば処 羽前(UZEN)
〒104-0045 中央区築地2-15-15 セントラル東銀座
2-15-15Chuo-ku Tsukiji Central Higashi-Ginza.
just 3 mins from BUREAU GINZA ;-)
lunch is available from 540yen~



Best Regards,

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Beer garden

Hello, it’s very hot today, isn't it?

Nothing beats cold beer in summer!

Now, I would like to introduce ‘Beer garden’ to you.

A Japanese beer garden is an outdoor beer hall only during the summer.
They are usually located on the roof of a building.
Because the summer in Japan is so muggy, we enjoy the evening cool with beer.


There are some beer garden in Ginza area.


1.   New Tokyo Sukiyabashi Honten

All you can drink and eat for4,800 for 2hours

Opening period : 18th April to 31st Oct.

Opening hour : 17:002300

Last order : 2130

Tel : 03-3572-0755

Near station: Tokyo Metro Ginza station C1 exit (1 minute walk)

          JR Yurakucho station Ginza exit (2 minute walk)



1.    Beer & BBQ & Bar terrace @888 (on the roof of Matsuya Ginza)
This beer garden is for ladies to become more beauty, and serves a variety of healthy foods.
There are some lovely service, like hand massage, VIP room, Jazz and Classic live.
All You Can Drink for 2,000 for 2hours.
A la carte is also available.
Opening period : 29th May to 30st Sep.
Opening hour : 16:002200
Last order : 2100
Tel: 03-3567-1211
   Near station : Tokyo Metro Ginza station A12 exit (directly connected)
                           Tokyo Metro Higashi Ginza station A8 exit (3 minute walk)
                           JR Yurakucho Station (8 minute walk)
Enjoy a summer evening and a night away from the super heated crowds and concrete!

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Good aftenoon everybody.

Hope you guys don’t get wet too much.

Rainy season had started and I bet most of you guys annoyed with this wet weather.

But Look on the bright side.

AJISAI( hydrangea) is blooming and they are so pretty !


Where to go ?

BUNKYO AJISAI MATHURI(festival) 文京あじさいまつり


Date:8th June-16th 2014

Place:HAKUSAN JINJYA Shrine (白山神社)

Address :5-31-26 HAKUSAN BUNKYO-KU

How to get to there from HIGASHI GINZA Station

Take Hibiyaline to Hibiya Station.

Change train for Mita line to HAKUSAN station.

Once you got  HAKUSAN STATION just 2min walk to HAKUSAN Shrine!


Stay dry but enjoy your rainy season J

Monday, 9 June 2014

30 breathtaking views of Japan

Hello everyone!

If you are in Japan for a longer period you might find some extra time to explore Japan and maybe even time to visit those remote places which demands quite some effort reach.

In the link below are 30 places in Japan which the author believes you should visit before you die. Maybe you too can find a couple of places where you agree on this point.

There are indeed some gems here and it will certainly give you some inspiration for future travels.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tsukiji lion festival

Hi! Do you have any plan for this weekend?
Tsukiji shishi matsuri(Tsukiji lion festival)will be held on 6th to 10th this month at inside of the NAMIYOKE INARI SHRINE in Tsukiji.

This shrine was built in the Edo era at what was then the water's edge. As new land was artificially created, the seashore became susceptible to flooding. The name of the shrine translates to 'protection from waves' - praying here was to ensure the safety of Edo's shores.

The participants for this festival is around 10,000.

Many people march with carrying the portable shrine for the purpose of dedicating to the guardinan.

And both sides of the street are lined with stalls.

You must enjoy atmosphere of Japanese festival at Tsukiji !

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Good afternoon everyone ;-)

Great weather, finally summer is around the corner……?

Oops I almost forgot we have rainy season in Japan ;-( which is normally starts from beginning of June so before rainy season starting make a most of it.

There is a fantastic event called’ THE CARIBBEAN LATIN AMERICA STREET’

This weekend at YOYOGI PARK J

There will be lots of foods drinks and music.

They even provide free salsa dance lesson.

Look at photos to find out more details.


How to get there From BUREAU GINZA

Catch the train from HIGASHI GINZA station to HIBIYA staion ( HIBIYA LINE)
Change the train for Chiyoda line and get off at MEIJI JINGU MAE ;-)


Buen Fin De Semana ;-)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Azuma Odori Dance Festival !

The Azuma Odori Dance Festival which ‘Geisha’ performs their conventional dances will be held.

Geisha are Japanese female entertainers trained in singing, dancing, the art of conversation and other arts in order to serve guests as hired companions.

Today, there are about 60 geisha working in the Shimbashi area.  
Once a year, about 50 of them appear on the grand stage of the Shimbashi Enbujo theater where they perform the dances they refined throughout the previous year.
The festival began in 1925, and this year will mark the 88th holding of the traditional event.


Performance Schedule

May 24(SAT)May 25(SUN) 3performances/day

Part one to oart three opening


May 26(MON)May 27(TUE) 2 performances/day

Part two to part three opening


Total 10 performances


Part1 open 11:00  11:30~13:00

Part2 open 13:10  13:40~15:10

Part3 open 15:20  15:50~17:20


Shimbashi Enbujo Theater is 5 minute walk from BUREAU GINZA.

It is rare to get a chance to see the Geisya’s performance.

Don’t miss out this opportunity!