Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Amlux Tokyo

Amlux Tokyo is an exhibition center dedicated to Toyota, one of the world’s most prominent motor companies. The establishment receives thousands of motor enthusiasts and onlookers every year.
Located near the Ikebukuro station (7min walk), the facility spans over 5-storeys and showcases some of the most popular models in the Toyota armada, along with some prototypes highlighting Toyota’s R&D prowess and global commitments. Visitors are allowed to board the vehicles and get a firsthand feel of the interiors. However, test-drives are not possible.
Toyota strives to update the collection as well as highlight its socio-economic and environmental commitments. Visitors get a good sense of the brand and its future outlook. The facility also houses a projector room showcasing movies in short intervals on Toyota’s rich history and technological feats. As in any other exhibition, merchandising opportunities are aplenty, offering visitors a chance to return with their favorite Toyota memorabilia. Not so very long ago, this contributor had the opportunity to try out a real F1 car and has been mesmerized ever since.
 The stylistic café offers sumptuous meals, slowing down your exploration tempo and allowing some time to assimilate the experience. If a trip to Toyota-city in Nagoya prefecture (the company’s holy grounds) is too steep a target, you will still be able to salvage some magic by visiting this facility and getting acquainted with the end-result. There are no bars on age or group size. If you are a foreigner in Japan, why not avail this wonderful opportunity to appreciate some truly Japanese artisanship!   

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