Thursday, 29 November 2012

KABUKI Building

Hello everybody, how have you been spending this cold week?
It's getting colder and colder everyday, still it's warm in a daytime however,  freezing temperature make
us uneasy to go out at night.

By the way, the current information in Ginza this time is about '' Rebuilding into a new Kabukiza''.
Since last winer, the old Kabukiza(; the building shows Japanese traditional drama) has been under the
construction to make it new.
Even most Japanese people haven't seen Kabuki these days but many foreigners have opportunity to see
Kabuki as a part of the sightseeing. I'v heared that seeing Kabuki in old and traditional stlye is sometimes
very complicated and difficult to understand what they are doig, but there are many Kabuki which is played
in modern style.

Please check it out on the website if you have a chance.

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