Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Holy night is coming!!

Good afternoon everyone!

I have heard Christmas this year will be a white Christmas day.
Whether It'll be or not, Christmas day is one night only.

As I told you on the blog before, many kinds of illuminations are now showing its twinkles everywhere in Tokyo.

Today, I want to recommend the wonderful event until the end of 25th.
It's already opened at Roppongi-Hills, the Christmas market for decoration all over your house. The market is taken place very wide and big. So that you probably can find anything you want.

And also, the plaetarium has opened which is called "Star Cruse Plaetarium" at Roppongi.
You can see wonderful stars all over your standing point in at the place. It definately romantic!!

I wish you all have a beautiful day on Christmas.

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