Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Like toys!!!

Good afternoon everyone!!
How are you today? I hope you all everything goes well this week.
Usually this blogg is updated on every Tursday, but because of my personal reason, I'm going to write it today.

Well, I would like to ask you that have you ever been interested in stationery goods.
I still remember that my parents didn't buy me much toys while I was little.
Instead of playing toys, stationery goods are very attractive for me to use everyday at school.
At 1990's at elementary school, most of boys were playing with pencils called 'Battle Pencils' every time middle of classes.
That pencils have levels of powers for battle, that age of kids were twinkling thier eyes to using these.

About decade past, stationeries have been developed and their are becoming pretty and useful for adults.
Many kinds of  scissors and pen holders also, lots of goods are invented everyday.

There is a big and famous stationery shop in Ginza(Itouya), and now it's renewig the building into new one.
For the construction, tentative building will be opened on 1st February behind 'Matsuzakaya' shopping mall.
Please visit it when you have time and hope you can find interesting goods.

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