Thursday, 17 January 2013

When you feel cold....

Hello, how are you doing?
I was astonished about the heavy wet snow on the other day!!
How have you spent on that day? It must be hard to get back to your home at night.
Personally speaking, I’m from very country side so I don’t feel hard if it’s heavy snow,
but I found it’s very irritating when trains stop every time start snowing in big city like Tokyo.
I heard many high-ways closed and there were a lot of cars has been stuck!

Anyway, today’s topic is ‘’Japanese Ramen’.
Well, most of all call it’s just ‘Ramen’.
99% of foreigners know what is ‘Ramen’ and 85% of them have tried ‘Ramen’ in Japan.
It is known as Chinese noodle when it comes in Japan at first however, it became really
‘Japanese’ popular dish these days.
 Many styles of Ramen have been created every moment.
In a survey, most people like pork-flavored Ramen in the world.
It maybe because the taste familiar with everyone in a world.

What kind of Ramen do you like?
You should better try every each tastes without like and dislikes!!
Have fun having it when you feel freezing.

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