Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ikaho hot spring

Have you been to Onsen in Japan? We would like to introduce Ikaho-
onsen, a hot spring resort located on a highland rising 720-820 meters
above the sea level at the northeastern foot of Mt. Haruna  in the
central part of Gunma.
It is said that hot springs have been founded in
the 7th century. The spring is of sulfate and carbonic acid, and its
concentration is so high that it sometimes dyes towels red. The source
of the spring is situated somewhat away from the town, at a spot 850
meters above sea level, and from which each inn draws.
Ishidan-gai is a street of stone steps consisting of 365 steps that
stretch downward about 300 meters from Ikaho-jinja Shrine, passing
-Sekisho-Ato (checkpoint). The checkpoint is said to have a history of
about 430 years. Souvenir shops and inns stand along both sides of the
stone steps, and four observation points 'komaguchi' are situated
along way, from which you can watch through pieces of glass the hot
spring flowing to each inn.
Hot spring in Ikaho is thought to be good for Neuralgia, Joint pain,
Fatigue, Skin desease and so on. The cold weather of winter must
make your muscle stiff and sometimes causes skin trouble from the
dried air. If you want your body relieved and relaxed in Onsen which
Japanese people belive it as one of the ways of a cure since
long time ago, why don't you go out a little bit of Tokyo to Ikaho to
forget about work? It is only 2 and half an hour from Yoyogi station
by JR bus taking 2,300yen for one way.

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