Sunday, 17 February 2013

Need Rest in Cozy Farm?

Hello Everyone. How Are You??
I hope everything is going well for your this week.

Today, I would like to introduce you one of the best sightseeing place called "Country Farm Tokyo German Village".
In Country Farm Tokyo German Village, you can have an experience of German rural life.
You can Enjoy German dishes and wines in the village’s restaurants looking at flowers of each season blooming in the flower garden.
The whole village is a family amusement park where your family all together can have fun with a Ferris wheel, children’s zoo, patter golf, kids’ roller coaster, and more amusement facilities.
An extensive grass plot and blue sky are also an excellent treat to you.
I'ts loceted in Chiba, 20min by taxy from Anegasaki station.
Please visit there when you have time and hope you can enjoy it.

Movie of illumination!!↓

BUREAU Shinagawa

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