Thursday, 14 February 2013

Romantic February

Good morning and afternoon for everyone!!
Guess what is the day today? Everybody knows that today is one of the special days in a year, YES, it's
St. Valentine's day.

As you know, the culture of St. Valentine's day is much differ from every countries.
Japan, the capitalism has been proceeding for few decades, every world's event such as Christmas day, Eeaster, St. Valentine's day just an fun event for Japanese and many company try to make some
benefits with these.

How dissapointing market it is!!
Every girls and women are going crazy for showing their love to the one.
Making chocolates by themselves and writing card and wait for the day. 
On the other hand, boys and men are waiting collecting gifts, actually it doesn't matter from whome they've got. It's kind of a race to get more chocolates and gifts from women.

Different from Japanese culture, other countries have their own ways to celebrate events.
I found the web site about the histry of St. Valentine's day. Please check this up the article.

Anyways, here is my opinion, it's very happiness that we can have many oppotunities to care people and treat. Not  only lovers, also families and friends are worth to be cared.

I wish you all have a wonderful St. Valentine's day!!

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