Thursday, 21 February 2013

Run Run Run!!!

Good afternoon everyone.
Today it's very sunny and feel better than yesterday, isn't it?

Well, popular event running through Tokyo roads, 'Tokyo Marathon' will be held on this Sunday.
It's different from 'Ekiden', many adults will run on that day.
The course of this marathon include Tsukiji area, so roads are filled with many people on 24th and this is the chance to take a look of its mood.

What I want to tell you is not only the marathon, there is one more thing very interesting and challenging event.
The night before 24th, you can experience how hard running through over 35kilometer; the point where runners feel maximun tiredness.
How can we feel it, you might be wondering.
Why don't you go to Tokyo tower wearing pear of running shose and casual sports wear?
You can choose walk 600 stairs up or run up through 600 stairs outside of Tokyo tower with beautiful special illumination at night.

It is for challenging to feel how marathon runners are having hardest time until they finish at goal.
Also advisers tell you ways to care your body after running and what kind of supplements you should take after.
After you could finish goal, you will be able to get original supplements.

Date: 23rd, Saturday
Time: 17:00-18:30(Finishing time)
People: First 150 applicants.

I might be there.....

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