Monday, 25 February 2013

The strawberry picking up

In Japan, strawberries are consistently one of the most popular fruits with people of all ages, regardless of gender.  There the many places you can go to enjoy picking up the strawberries by car or the bus tours for taking you to the place for enjoying pick up the strawberries.

 To begin with, you will stand in front of the plastic greenhouse as the people from the plantation tell us about the varieties of strawberry and the methods of strawberry picking. Apparently there are around 100 types of strawberry, each varying in flavor and size. Next, you each receive two plastic containers – one of the containers is filled with condensed milk and the other is empty, to hold the stems from strawberries after they have been eaten.
You then enter the plastic greenhouse. It's warmer in here than it is outside, and sweet smells fill the air. Strawberries are cultivated in rows, and between these rows are walkways.
When picking strawberries, it is important not to pull with too much force, as that may damage the seedlings or uproot the plants, making it difficult to produce delicious strawberries the following year. The trick is to gently hold the fruit and lightly bend the stem part to one side. Even small children were able to pick the strawberries properly thanks to the explanation we received before entering the plastic greenhouse.
 You will enjoy eating the first strawberry as it is, without dipping it in the condensed milk. Its combination of sweetness and sourness fill your palate, making you very happy! One of the joys of strawberry picking is that you can select the individual fruits that catch your eye. You can  find some strawberries that were as big as a child's fist and others that were heart-shaped, though of course they disappeared from view after you will have eaten them! Fruits whose form was not particularly attractive but were bright red in color turned out to be very sweet. Strawberry picking time was about 30 minutes. Basically you would have about 30 minutes for strawberry picking, everyone commented that they would need more time, but actually 30 minutes is long enough for most people to have their fill. I'm sure you will eat around 30 strawberries at least while picking.

I hope you will experience the tour and enjoy the wonderful strawberries in Japan!

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