Thursday, 7 February 2013

Who's gonna be the TOP?!

Good afternoon, how are you?
I relieved we didn't have much snow this time!! The weather forecast couldn't prove!
Only we got a trouble is loss of trains for commute.

By the way....Now the contest of  ''Ms. Hooters Japan'' have been held in Ginza branch.
For whome don't know what is ''Hooters'', I will tell you about them a bit.

''Hooters'' is the casual sports restaurant which came from Florida, USA.
Every girls working at the resutaurant wear a white tanktop with ''Hooters'' logo and orange hot-pants.
Sexy and cute cheer leaders treats you always.

The contest for choosing No.1 Hooters will get award and gifts for winning.
So now the Japanese contest is opening and 28 girils are entering from Gnza branch.
The voting for this tournament continues until 14th, St. Valentain's Day at Ginza, the final round will be open
3rd, March.

I recomend you to visit and find your favorite one then you will definately have fun!!

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