Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cherry Blossom Appreciation!

Good  afternoon.
Yesterday was very warm weather everywhere in Tokyo.
I saw many cherry blossoms around public parks and roads.

Talking about 'Cherry Blosssom Appreciation',I would like to ask how much do you know about the party.

We, even Japanese slightly know about the viewing party but actually there is more deep considerable feeling for.

As an easy explanation of its history, nobleman in Heian period started cherry blossom appreciation to
have fun viewing them.
Since 100 of decades, Japanese people have been viewing cherry blossom and drinking alchole every this season.
All of us, Japanese people feel nostalgic for falling Cherry blossoms and it seems like how people die fast suddenly. That discibes something in Japanese poems for long years.

Anyway, all of us have been waiting for the Cherry is blooming, it's just started to view blossomn today

[Place]: Rikugien
[Date]: 20th,March - 7th,April
[Open hours]: 9:00-21:00
[Entering Charge]: 300yen / For Elderly 150yen
[TEL]: 03-3941-2222

Both are Night View.

The access for the place above, few minutes walk from Komagome station or Sengoku station.

You may hurry going to see some blossoms because this year is warmer and faster for bloom and falls.

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