Saturday, 9 March 2013

Do you wanna try Blowfish?

Good afternoon, everyone.

These 3 days are really nice warm weather we had, didn't we?
Especially yesterday was kind of hot day in this season.
I walked around to just hung out with my friend last midnight, but all of us could stay outside without jacket.

My heart is pumping for getting warm day by day, it makes me go out when I have just a little time.
So, today is the first step to go outside and eat something delicious!!

Differ from central Ginza area, our building is placed between Tsukiji, Ginza and Shintomicho.
That means, it’s hard to find somewhere to eat for a lunch except Tsukiji market.
Actually there are some places but for ladies and people who belong here for many years fed up with same routines.

For that reason, I’m going to introduce some places which is picked up as popular and honor restaurants.

Today dishes are using Blow fish for both lunch and dinner.
Japanese restaurant named ‘Ginza Takafune’ is very famous for kappo cuisine with fabulous and gorgeous counters and Japanese style seats.
For lunch menu, the most popular one is fried Blowfish.
It’s surprisingly inexpensive considering the high-quality restaurant.
With 3 kinds of little side dishes, the price is only 1,500 JPY for a lunch.

Please take a look HP of the restaurant.
Here are few pictures of it.

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