Monday, 25 March 2013

"Hanami" Season !!

Have you been to Hanami yet ?? 
In Japan has a custom of the “Hanami”
“Hanami ”is Cherry blossom viewing. The Cherry blossom, in Japanese is Sakura.
Every year in the end of March and April, the people drinks liquor and eats many foods around the tree while they see Sakura.
The interesting things here is that Japanese people often do the “Hanami ”with the whole company, but always the place with full Sakura will be crowded that's why a new employee or a young employee have to spread a blue sheet and keep the place from the day before or an early morning.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Some time there is a people that pitch a tent and keep the best place from many days before.
So every time the place around the full Sakura tree, I see a people being bored due to having a lot of free time well.

It means that“Hanami”is indispensable BIG EVENT for the Japanese people.
My favorite is “Hanami”at night. The pink Sakura tree lighted up is very Fantastic!!
Please enjoy Japanese beautiful Sakura with “Hanami”

BUREAU Shinagawa

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