Thursday, 14 March 2013

Straight to KABUKIZA

Good morning, how are  you today?

The rain has past and weather got much better in this few hours.
We had very nice and warm weather for few days last week.
It makes us to expect spring coming soon, doesn't it?
Until 1st week of April, we will be able to watch Cherry blossom in Kanto area.

Talking about April coming soon, ''KABUKIZA'' will be finished to ready for open.
We just have to wait for few weeks for that, and there is new place will be hold for welcoming cutomers.
Also, the Tokyo Metro has already connected with ''KABUKIZA'' at Higashi-Ginza station.

 This construction was hoped by many people who love 'Kabuki' since its open.
At the basement of Higashi-Ginza station, the new place called ' Kobikicho Plaza' is B2
With some free spaces for tenants or events, this area is originally made for people who cannot return to
their home when Natural disaster has occured.
The cappasity of the area is about 3000 people.
Not only the space, there are coffee shop, convenient store and other shop like souvenior shop.

The Plaza open when first train start running until the last train.

We can't wait for everything new comming!!

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