Sunday, 3 March 2013

The girl's day (Hinamatsuri)

Today March 3rd, here in Japan is Girls day!!
The another name is "Doll Fatival " in Japanese " Hina-Matsuri" .
On this day the family having the girl display a set of ornamental dolls reprsenting the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in a kimono of the Heian era.
It is common to decorate by February 4 from  February 24 at the latest.
The popular belief that a delay in putting the Hina-matsuri dolls away after the festival will delay the daughter's marriage is a superstition here in Japan.
The Popular snack of Hina-Matsuri is Hina-arare.
Hina-arare is made by roasting glutinous rice hoshiii (glutinous rice that have been fully dried after being cooked or steamed) and sweetening it with sugar.
It is full of the celebrations to a girl wherever I walk in the town.In BUREAU Shinagawa, we have the Hina-Matsuri dolls, so please check it out when you have a time!! Girls please enjoy today!!                                          

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