Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Ocean Cruise!

Good afternoon, how are you today?
I am very currious that have you ever seen a luxury liner on the ocean infront of you?
The ultimate luxury liner of Asia called 'Voyager of the Seas' will arrive and appear in April and May.
This arrival to Tokyo Bay  is the first time, and it causes a big event such as viewing walking around the ship.
Also the tour is not only viewing the outside of the ship, the participants will be able to have 'Morning Cruise', 'Lunch Cruise' and 'Sunset Cruise' on 27th April and 3rd May.(The host by Sea Line Tokyo-2500JPY~)
The company above will hold observation tours using sea bus for 4 times on the both date above.
The Total weight is 137276ton, maximum passengers capacity will be 3114 people and it's definitely the biggest luxry line we ever had.
Why don't you just go and view the ultimate one?
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