Thursday, 14 March 2013

White Day!

In Japan, Valentine's Day is typically observed by girls and women presenting chocolate gifts (either store-bought or handmade), usually to boys or men, as an expression of love, courtesy, or social obligation.
Today, March 14th ,White Day was first celebrated in 1978 in Japan by the National Confectionery Industry Association as an "answer day" to Valentine's Day on the grounds that men should pay back the women who gave them chocolate and other gifts on Valentine's Day.
Soon there after, confectionery companies began marketing white chocolate.
Now, men give cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows, as well as other edible and non-edible gifts, such as jewellery or objects of sentimental value to women from whom they received chocolate on Valentine's Day one month earlier.
Whether the chocolate that you gave or got means to you on Valentine's Day, whether it was honmei("chocolate of love") or giri("courtesy chocolate"), no one will be unhappy by being presented sweets. There are many many chocolate or sweets shops in Tokyo. It's also fun to taste some which you haven't
had before. Why don't you go to find delicious sweets not only for someone special or someone who gave you chocolate but for your friends or collegues or maybe for yourself. Let's enjoy this White Day!

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