Thursday, 11 April 2013

【Golden Week In Japan PartⅡ】

Hello、everyone!! How are you??

At last It became warm!!

By the way, I introduced that there was a long vacationabout the in
Japan called 【Golden Week】 last time.

Today I would like to introduce what kind of holyday is there.

【Golden Week - Japanese National Holidays】

April 29: Showa-no-hi (Showa Day)
May 3 : Kenpou-kinen-bi (Constitution Memorial Day)
May 4 : Midori-no-hi (Greenery Day)
May 5 : Kodomo-no-hi (Children's Day)

The first national holiday during Golden Week is April 29,which was the
birthday of Shouwa Emperor.
 (Now, this day is called Showa Day)

The second holiday is kenpou-kinen-bi
 (Constitution Memorial Day)May 3.

Then, May 4 is called midori-no-hi.
 (Greenery Day)

The last holiday during Golden Week is kodomono-hi
 (Children's Day) on May 5.

It's also Japanese Boy's Festival called tango-no-sekku and is a day to
pray for healthy growth of boys.

It's a Japanese tradition for families of boys to hang up carp streamers

outside their houses around this holiday.

Carps are believed to symbolize successes in children's lives. Also,
samurai dolls 

called gogatsu ningyo (May Dolls) are displayed in their houses.

I hope you can enjoy your Golden Week in Japan!!

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