Thursday, 25 April 2013

Gorgeous ‘Snoopy’ in Ginza!!

Good afternoon!
We can’t wait until Golden Week, can we? Just one more day for holidays!
I hope everyone will be able to have fantastic holidays.

After passing the big events for ‘Kabukiza’ these 2 weeks, new and exciting events are coming.

The Collaboration of Snoopy (; well known character in ‘Peanuts’ animation by Charles M. Schulz) and Japanese traditional craftsmen did great works for making some statues, arts and goods.

These marketable products are reached over 800 goods including 200 of special collaboration products.
Matsuya Ginza is now holding this event until 6th May, and it’s possible for experiencing some workshops there with famous craftsmen.

Also a man, Mr. Yoshiteru Otani who was very up- to close to Mr. Charles comes to museum and workshops during this event.
The solid ink-art live performance and talk show will be held.

It is very fascinating event even if you are not catering to Snoopy.
I hope my favorite Stitch will be as famous as Snoopy someday soon!!

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