Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mr. Mickey is hiding....

Good afternoon!!
Today's weather is so beautiful, isn't it?
We can feel real spring is comming!!

Well today, I found a cute,cool and rare goods at jewelry shop.
If you love Disney, you will like it as well.

Do you know japanese ''Kabuto'', shield which is used for 100 decades ago.
That shield is needed on 5th May in Japan to celebrate boy's day every year.
The one I had found is not for kids, and it's only for looking.

Here is the thing below.

Did you find something is hiding??
Well it's actually not hiding, but there is.......Mickey Mouse!!
This shield has made with full 100% pure golds and cost

The jewlry shop; Ginza Tanaka made a contract with Walt Disney Company for making those goods.
There are not only this shield but also other japanese related comodities.

I wish I could have gorgeous accessories or disney goods like this.

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