Saturday, 27 April 2013

Shibasakura in Yamanashi

Good afternoon.
How are you? It has been stated from Golden week from today.
I hope you all are having great golden week.
Today we would like to introduce the Shibasakura in Yamanashi.
Shibazakura(Scientifically:Phlox subulata)is a perennial plant belonged to Polemoniaceae, a kind of Phlox. It holds 1.5cm small flowers from April to May. You could see red,pink,white and purple.
Shibazakura is from North America. It’s also called tweet.
The flowers look like cherry and creep on lawn. And “shiba” means lawn and “zakura”(sakura) means cherry blossom. So it’s named the lawn cherry plant or shibazakura.
The seedling settles in sunny side and good drainage soil.
Stonewall or slope side is also appropriate.
Shibazakura grows so fast and strong that there are no extra cares needed when it flowers.
There are two ways for increasing Shibazakura . One is dividing roots for replanting , the other the plantation of the cutting. The roots replanting means to divide the pot into 4 parts with 20 cm distance planting respectively. The vine extends over the soil and take root from the stem contacted soil gradually. The plantation of the cutting means to cut healthy stem 10cm length and plant it into the soil after pasting disinfectant.

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