Thursday, 23 May 2013

Manmoth Tornado in Oklahoma

Good morning!!
Differ from the disaster in Oklahoma on 21st, it's very warm and nice day today in Japan.

Today for the topic, I would like to share how messed up in Oklahoma by the natural monster.

On 21st, at Moor in Oklahoma attacked by the tornado which is leveled 'EF5' of the 6 level max.
That means that tornado was enormous, and for that reason the injured increased over 230.
Except 230 injured person, there are 24 deaths including kids and babies have founded also.
The damage of disaster spreaded width over 1.6km and  27km's length.

As a cooperation for the rescue, volunteeer and helpers were sended from Texas and other close states.
In spite of bad condition and weather, fortunatelly over 100 people were rescued.

Natural disaseter is unexpecting, so it is very hard to get ready to decrease the damage.
Like after the big earthquake in Japan, I hope fastest recovery will proceed.

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