Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mother's Day!!

Good morning!!
What a beautiful day it is!!
The whole golden week 's days were very nice weather, also it lasts until tomorrow the forcast says.

Anyway, after golden week, the next important day is 'Mother's Day'.
How many poeple have known the origin of Mother's day?
Accoridng to the history of U.S, the first acction for this memorial day was 1870, which was just right after the Civil War.
Julia Ward Howe standed up to declare 'Mother's Day Proclamation' not to send hasbands and children to war.
Although this declaration didn't work at all however, a woman who had been dedicated to many injured soldiers for their recovery changed the history.
After her death, her daughter Anna gave many friends 'White carnation' for celebrating and thaning to all mothers with love.

That is the sinble of Mother's day now, and this is how Mother's day became popular.

How will you treat your mother?
Many shopping mall hold events for Mother's Day.

Let's tell your mother thanks and make happy!!

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