Thursday, 30 May 2013

Needs for developement.

Good afternoon!
The rainy season has just began.
Most people don't like rainy days continue however, happy summer time won't come if we couldn't pass this
damp season.

Well, today I will share a topic with you is not for summer nor something helpful for this season.
It is little bit far from now, but new Tsukiji market building will be opened in December.(Now planning)
The areticle saids that the tenents for that building will be about 93 shops. 

This is the image of NEW Tsukiji Outside market.

This building may have 3 floors for each purpose such as office and storage space for 1st floor, 2nd floor will open for ceiling space and 3rd floor will be for multi-purpose space.

The construction is going to start and complete until 2014.

We can see the city keep changing every moment. Kabukiza has already standing as a eyecatching building of Ginza. Changing old to new city may feel strange though, generation for all over the place must change for the future.

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  1. Start to finish, it took about a month from when I saw my first apartment with Kaz to the date I signed my lease, and about 2 months to my move-in date, which was very quick.

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