Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lion Dance in Tsukiji

Good afternoon everyone!
Hope you all have been doing very well today.
It probably has turned into rainy season, but it doesn’t seem like that!
We haven’t had rainy days this week, have we?
I love sunny day so there is nothing problem though.

Anyway, lovely summer has coming soon and that means a lot of festivals will be held in Japan at the same time.
Have you ever seen Shishimai?
Shishimai is Lion dance with Japanese instruments when people want to explain joy and happiness also praying for the happiness and wealth.

From 7th June-10th, the traditional Japanese festival will be held in Tsukiji area.
This Tsukiji Shishi festival opens once every 3 years for wishing plenty of talents and knowledge.
Surprisingly this festival have been handing down from Edo period!!
At the festival, many children walk with a portable shrine through Tsukiji area.
Also there are 40 of food stalls on 8th and 9th during the festival.

If you never have seen this kind of festival, it’s good to take a look Japanese-style festival here.

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