Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Temple of Hydrangeas

Rainy season has finally arrived in Tokyo and typhoon is now passing through Japan. Even in this dreadful time of the year hydrangeas beautifully bloom and entertain people’s eyes.
Today, let us introduce Meigetsu- in. Famous for its hydrangeas, it is also known as The Temple of Hydrangeas (ajisai-dera).

Point of Interest:
       The temple itself with its beautiful round window

       The temple’s garden contains one of the celebrated Ten Wells of Kamakura, the Kame no I.
       The karesansui, a garden of raked sand, rocks and plants representing legendary Buddhist Mount Shumi.
④      Lastly but not least, the hydranges in the garden.
From Shinagawa JR Station, take Yokosuka Line bound for Kurihama or Zushi and get off at Kits-Kamakura Station. Walk about ten minutes towards Kamakura on the the left side of the rain tracks and Meigetsu-in is on a side street to the left.

Entrance Fee: JPY300

Opening Time: 9:00~16:00

Kamakura is known to be a miniture version of Kyoto. There are many temples and shrines to sightsee and the best part of going there is that it only takes 45mins by Train from Shinagawa!
For further information please refer to the web-site↓

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