Thursday, 13 June 2013

Winking bugs

Good afternoon everyone!
Finally, it’s raining outside!! For the reason of warm temperature trend, I thought that the rainy season won’t come and have hot summer days this year.
Every season, a lot of people may think ‘The climate of this year is very strange and weird because of the warming temperature.’ But that kind of prediction won’t last for a long time. It’s getting normal climate as days go by.

Anyway, talking about June, there are 2 important events in Japan.
One is for the wedding season, ‘June bride’. The bells nonstop like their sisters in many countries, the girls in Japan, also dream of being a June bride.

Another thing is watching fireflies near rives or Japanese gardens this month.
Not as many places as we had few decades ago, we still have some places to watch them in June like famous Japanese gardens and beside of rivers, sea and ocean.
This year, welcoming 10th anniversary of showing fireflies at famous Japanese restaurant, ‘Minamoto Kicchoan’ (Chuoku-Ginza7chomeTEL 03-3569-2360).
At this event, there are 4 big cages (Hight:250cm,Wides:275cm,Depth:70cm) and staff control the environment closer to the natural.
All lights are turned off, only pen-light can lead you to the place to watch.

Possibly you can see them like this below;

The event will be opened until 16th, 18:00-21:00.
If you don't have much time to go nature, I recommend you to visite the restaurant.

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