Thursday, 4 July 2013

Mojito Mojito !!

Good afternoon everyone, how are you today?
Still we are in a rainy season however, we haven't seen much rain in Tokyo.
It was just a drop of rain for today also.
The humidity makes us feel down though.

To get off the heavy feeling, I personally have found a delightful drink for this season!!
That is 'Mojito', the ram based cocktail with lime and mint flavor.
Although it is very simple, the taste is light and matches many kinds of dishes at a restaurant.
Bacardi Mojito Bar has been 3 weeks after its' establishment in Ginza. (Chuoku, Ginza8, TEL:03-5568-8524)
This bar is for only this season and collaborated with Bacardi Japan and Bar RAGE.
There are only 9 seats to have a drink, the average spending per customer is 1800JPY at this bar.

The popular 'Bacardi Mojito(850yen) ' and other cocktails are used perilla leaves, passion fruits, water melon and  
toasted soybean flour!! We might doubt that taste of Mojito with toasted soybean flour!
Anyway, only we can do is just try tasting them without doubt.

This year, the new version of cocktail has made with 8 years full-flavored darken rum and named 'Bacardi 8'.
Other few new drinks are also ready.
The most of customers are women and seems that the boom of Mojito is coming back again.
Open from 17:00-5:00 am.(Until 27th August)  Closed on Sunday and Holiday.

                               Staff Blog By Ginza Serviced Apartment

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