Thursday, 29 August 2013

Souvenirs from Customers

Good Afternoon!

Today, we’d like to introduce about Japanese burdock(Gobou). Now, it is kind of a recent small health boom for house wives, I heard.

Such a good timing, we’ve got some souvenirs from our customers.
There’re some tea, soups, cookies and energy drinks for your health and skin.
It named "Gobou no Himitsu". You can buy these products at convenience stores or supermarkets easily. Maybe you’ve seen it somewhere before…?

Japanese house wives are sometimes very sensitive for health boom. We had so many kinds of things before. Once if the TV shows introduced about the products that effect well health or good for being on a diet, next day the products at the supermarket are nearly sold out. How crazy, eh?:)

Probably, some people have never eaten the burdock as your country’s customs. However, it is common to eat as Tempra, salad and stewed etc. for us; Japanese. Well, it might depend on each persons, but I think it's healthy and tasty.

Anyway, if you’re very curious how it tasts, please just try!!

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