Friday, 27 September 2013

Fukuro Festival

Hello! Although summer is officially over, the myriad of festivals occurring in and around Tokyo hasn’t diminished. In fact, the new season brings with it a number of new reasons to celebrate.

Commencing in 1968 as a commercial venture to promote four shopping areas on the west side of Ikebukuro Station, the Fukuro Festival is now one of the biggest events of the area. The modern day festival has evolved to include all of Ikebukuro.

On the 28th and 29th of September Fukuro Festival takes place in Ikebukuro. On the 28th, folk dancing and a music show are scheduled on the makeshift stage in front of the JR Ikebukuro station (West Exit) in the daytime and a parade in the evening at 19.00. On the 29th, taiko drumming and more dance performances and finally the high light, a parade of mikoshi (portable shrines) accompanied by taiko drumming which is held on the streets in the shopping area from 5:45 pm.

Festival homepage (only available in Japanese):

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