Friday, 6 March 2015

TamaHide Ningyocho 玉ひで(親子丼 人形町 創業1760年)

Tamahide is in the heart of Ningyocho, founded in 1760 has been serving the Oyakodon since the Edo Period. Just next to Amazakeyokocho (甘酒横丁), It can be seen as you exit from A2 of Tokyo metro hibiya Line. The most famous item is the Oyakodon(親子丼) a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs, during Lunch time it is filled people who want to have a taste of Tamahide.

Tamahide is a must have for food lovers.  It is a highly rated restaurant in Nihombashi Area. The original taste is still kept to the original form which has been passed through generations.

Address: Tokyo, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Ningyo-cho 1-17-10

Access: Hibiya Line Ningyocho Station 1-minute Subway
Subway Toei Asakusa Line Ningyōchō Station 2-minute walk
Subway Hanzomon Suitengu Station 2-minute walk
132m from Ningyo-cho Station

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