Thursday, 12 March 2015

Water bus

The Water bus (水上バス, Suijō Basu) are great alternatives traveling along the coastline instead of taking the subway and trains when going to destinations near the water. 

The water buses go around the Tokyo Bay, especially the Odaiba shopping and entertainment district. Many water buses also travel along the Sumida River. Boats along the river provide access to Asakusa. The Hinode pier is about 15 min walk from B-SITE Hamamatsucho so for guests who would like to go to Asakusa or Odaiba we really recommend to give the Water bus a try. For our guests staying at B:CONTE Asakusa it is a very relaxing way of getting all the way to the Odaiba. 

Most of the water buses are operated by the Tokyo Cruise Ship Company. The Asakusa-Odaiba Direct Line (about 50 minutes, 1560 yen, 2-4 boats per day) is one of the most popular routes because of its boldly designed Himiko boats with panoramic windows. 

The Sumida River Line runs from Asakusa to Hama-Rikyu garden (about 35 minutes, 780 yen, about 12 boats per day). The dock at Hama Rikyu is located within the garden's paid grounds, so disembarking means that travelers also have to pay the garden's entry fee. The boats then travel a further five minutes to the Hinode Pier, where a transfer can be made to boats bound for Odaiba. 

The Odaiba Line travels from Hinode to Odaiba Seaside Park (about 20 minutes, 480 yen, 10-15 boats per day). The Tokyo Big Sight-Palette Town Line travels to both the Tokyo Big Sight and Palette town attractions (about 30 minutes, 410 yen, around 7 boats per day), but two boats per day only travel to Tokyo Big Sight and none of the boats run on Mondays and Tuesdays (except in the case of national holidays).

For detailed information of the timetable and prices please check the Tokyo Cruise's home page (english available).

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