Sunday, 14 June 2015

☆☆☆Sankeien Park in Yokohama☆☆☆

Hello, everyone!! Visited to Sankeien in Yokohama the other day☆☆☆
Sankeien is a traditional and typical Japanese-style garden designed and landscaped by Sankei Hara ( his real name was Tomitaro Hara) , a wealthy businessman in the silk trade.  He reconstructed buildings of historic importance from places such as Kyoto and Kamakura in this garden,which was opend to the public as ”Sankeien”in 1906. In the garden, whose surface extends to 175000㎡, seventeen old buildings of high historic value are skillfully arranged in harmony with the seasonal changes of the natural scenery. The Second World War caused great damage, and in 1953 the property was transferred from the Hara family to the care of the Sankeien Hoshokai foundation. Restoration works were carried out, and five years later, Sankeien had nearly recovered its former appearance.

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