Tuesday, 17 November 2015

INAKAYA 田舎屋 Ginza

Hello, this is concierge at BUREAU Ginza ;-)

I’ve been to very interesting restaurant especially for foreigner in Roppongi.

And I found other branch the restaurant in Ginza!

This time, I would like to introduce Inaka-ya(田舎屋).


In the counter, two men sit on the floor Japanese style and cooking Japanese-style barbecue.


Customer can choose the food stuffs from the display in front of the seat.
Dishes are served on something like paddle ;-)
They have other brunch also in New York and Shanghai !

Inakaya in NewYork
In Roppongi, Mochi-pounding is carried out with the guests : )
(mochi: A short-grained, sweet, glutinous rice with a high starch content, used in Japanese cooking. )
Many foreign tourists visit there.

How about to enjoy Japanese unique atmosphere ?


Have a good night : )

Inakaya Ginza

田舎屋 銀座

東京都中央区 銀座8丁目7−4

Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza 8-7-4
Tel: 03-3569-1708


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