Tuesday, 11 October 2016

GATE HILL TOKYO Open House Session (ネットワークセッション・内覧会開催のご報告)

On 6th October, Space Design Inc. held the open house event at GATE HILL TOKYO.

There were much to enjoy:ruffles, great catering, viewing session for apartments, and casual presentation on us.  

More live stream archives and images are available on our SNS
( Instagram: @spacedesigninc_official  , Facebook: @ServicedApartmentsTokyo )

Also, one of our biz-development team members had birthday on the day and we had bit of celebration, too:) Congrats for another good Libras!

After all, we are surely getting positive feedback and this event help reaching better, preferred relationships with new and on-going customers.

Thank you for everyone whom contribute an efforts to make this fun and memorable day happened.



Space Design Inc.

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