Friday, 9 June 2017

BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO - Sake Event 日本酒イベントに参加してきました!

Hello everyone!

先日BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYOの1階にある居酒屋BUNKAにて開催された楯野川の会へ参加してきました。
We joined a Japanese sake event at BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO in May.  Kitayama-san from Tatenokawa Brewery came to share with us their tasty sake.

こちら、楯野川酒造の北山様(左)と、イベントで日本酒のすばらしさについて熱く語っていたBUNKA HOSTELの高橋様(右)です。お二人のお話、大変興味深かったです。
Tatenokawa Brewery is located in Yamagata prefecture, and its sake has a rich aroma and refreshing taste.  Kitayama-san from Tatenokawa Brewery is on the left and Takahashi-san from BUNKA HOSTEL who explained to us about origin of sake is on the right.

We tasted 6 types of sake from Tatenokawa Brewery.

All of them were smooth, great for sake beginners.
Liqueur called "Kodakara", at the rightmost, was on the menu at Korean BBQ restaurant near my house. Quite surprised to see because it was 2 or 3 days after I joined this event.
The one next to "Kodakara" is junmai daiginjo (top-quality sake brewed from rice grains milled to 50% or less of their weight) called "Tatenyan".  Tatenyan is Tatenokawa Brewery's original character and as you can see, it's a cat.

最後に山形の方言クイズがあったのですが、なんと!5問中4問正解して「楯野川」シールとBUNKA HOSTELカップ酒を賞品としていただきました!!
There was a quiz of Yamagata dialect at the end of the event.  Luckily, I got 4 out of 5 correct (though I've never been there before), and was able to get Tatenokawa Brewery sticker and BUNKA HOSTEL cup sake. Yay!

今回初めて日本酒のイベントを開催したBUNKA HOSTEL TOKYOでしたが、とても盛り上がっていました。ちょうどその時に宿泊されていた外国人のお客様も居酒屋ブンカにいて、最後は一緒に乾杯しました。外国人のお客様が楯野川の日本酒を飲んだ時に、「今まで飲んだ日本酒の中で一番おいしい!」と喜んでおり、私は楯野川酒造の人ではないけれども思わず嬉しくなりました。
It was the first time BUNKA HOSTEL did this kind of event, but everybody was having a good time.  We all enjoyed rich taste of sake from Tatenokawa, and even customers who didn't join the event was given a cup when they came back to the hostel.

随時楽しげなイベントを行っているBUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO、是非チェックしてみてください。
We recommend you to visit BUNKA HOSTEL TOKYO at least once while you are in Japan. It's a great place to taste, feel and enjoy the Japanese culture.

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